Deborah Raffin on B.L. Stryker

In 1989, Deborah Raffin guest starred in an episode of the TV show B.L. Stryker. The show was about a private detective (played by Burt Reynolds) who solved cases in Florida.

Deborah Raffin appeared in the B.L. Stryker episode 'Carolann', playing the character of the same name, a woman who had grown up with Burt Reynolds' character. Since then she had gone on to marry a very wealthy man whose yacht was blown up while docked in southern Florida. Carolann sees B.L. Stryker at the police station and he offers to help protect her and try to figure out who killed her husband.

Pre-2000, Deborah didn't make very many television guest appearances. Of course, she made a lot of TV movies and even had her own TV show at one point (Foul Play), but she just didn't seem to have much interest in guest appearances. In fact, the only time in her whole career she ever appeared on a half-hour format program was when she guest starred in an episode of the new Twilight Zone in 1989. She had previously guest starred on Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense in 1984, but that was a 70 minute show. Likewise, this episode of B.L. Stryker is basically in the TV movie format, clocking in at approximately 90 minutes.

It is also perhaps worth noting that B.L. Stryker was created by Christopher Crowe, the husband of Cristina Raines. Deborah Raffin and Cristina Raines had previously appeared together in The Sentinel in 1977 and Touched By Love in 1980. Deborah Raffin's ex-husband Michael Viner also used to be both Deborah Raffin and Cristina Raines' managers. Now, Cristina Raines never appeared on an episode of her husband's show B.L. Stryker, but maybe the connection is what brought Deborah Raffin to the show. Or maybe it is all a coincidence!

Here are some images of Deborah Raffin on B.L. Stryker:

Deborah Raffin and Burt Reynolds

Deborah Raffin and Burt Reynolds again