Deborah Raffin in Ski Lift to Death

In 1978, Deborah Raffin starred in Ski Lift to Death. The actress was first-billed in this made-for-TV thriller (later retitled Snowblind for home video release) which also featured Clu Gulager, Howard Duff, Veronica Hamel and a young Don Johnson. Raffin shared many of her scenes with actor Charles Frank. You can find some more information on the film here.

Ski Lift to Death is a typical TV movie from the late '70s. A bunch of familiar faces gather together for some melodramatic situations. Combine this with a dance contest and some ski stunt footage and you get a nice piece of fluffy television entertainment. Its not that good but it is bad enough to be fun. Deborah Raffin comes out relatively unscathed...and she's really beautiful too!

Here are some images of Deborah Raffin in Ski Lift to Death:

Deborah Raffin and Clu Gulager

Deborah Raffin and Charles Frank