Deborah Raffin and kitty cats

We've already taken a look at several glorious images of Deborah Raffin in which she poses alongside dogs. Well, as to not anger all of the cat-lovers out there, here is a nice pic of Deborah Raffin holding a cute kitten!

Deborah Raffin and puppy dogs (part 4)

For those people who wanted more pictures of Deborah Raffin and doggies, here is yet another photograph of the gorgeous actress with a canine companion.

Deborah Raffin in Dance of the Dwarfs

In 1983, Deborah Raffin starred in the horror movie Dance of the Dwarfs. The lovely actress delivered yet another engaging performance and she had great chemistry with her co-star, Peter Fonda. Though the film (also known as Jungle Heat and, as a nod to one of Fonda's most famous roles, Easy Flyer) is not well-remembered or typically reviewed in a positive manner, it is an assured cult classic and a very entertaining romp.

In Dance of the Dwarfs, Deborah Raffin gets a chance to display many of her talents. Besides looking beautiful, the actress got to do some things in the movie that she didn't often do in many of her other projects. Dance of the Dwarfs gave Deborah Raffin the opportunity to handle a gun in more than one scene and another sequence in the film called for her to act drunk. Yet another scene sees her getting accosted by a snake. She also, of course, has her acting chops in order as the film sees her engaging in some fantastic interplay with Peter Fonda.

Any fan of Deborah Raffin would be well-advised to take a look at Dance of the Dwarfs. It's a very fun film and it's not meant to be taken too seriously. Even people that don't normally watch horror/monster movies may still find the Raffin/Fonda combination enjoyable. Bottom line: Deborah Raffin looks so great in this movie it really should be seen by all.

Deborah Raffin wearing hats

There are many photos of the legendary actress/model Deborah Raffin donning various types of head-wear...let's take a look at a trio of classic examples!

Deborah Raffin and puppy dogs (part 3)

Twice before (here and here) we examined some images of Deborah Raffin and canine companions. Well, here is yet another wonderful picture of the beautiful actress/model accompanied by a furry friend!

Another stunning portrait of Deborah Raffin

Deborah Raffin left behind a brilliant photographic legacy and here is yet another glorious image:

Deborah Raffin and puppy dogs (part 2)

A while ago, we took a look at a pair of images concerning Deborah Raffin and dogs. Well, it's about time that we revisit this fascinating subject. Here is another picture of the beautiful actress/model holding a doggy:

Deborah Raffin: beauty, brains & bravado!

This picture of Deborah Raffin was used to accompany a puff piece written by her husband Michael Viner in a mid '70s magazine.

Deborah Raffin in Ski Lift to Death

In 1978, Deborah Raffin starred in Ski Lift to Death. The actress was first-billed in this made-for-TV thriller (later retitled Snowblind for home video release) which also featured Clu Gulager, Howard Duff, Veronica Hamel and a young Don Johnson. Raffin shared many of her scenes with actor Charles Frank. You can find some more information on the film here.

Ski Lift to Death is a typical TV movie from the late '70s. A bunch of familiar faces gather together for some melodramatic situations. Combine this with a dance contest and some ski stunt footage and you get a nice piece of fluffy television entertainment. Its not that good but it is bad enough to be fun. Deborah Raffin comes out relatively unscathed...and she's really beautiful too!

Here are some images of Deborah Raffin in Ski Lift to Death:

Deborah Raffin and Clu Gulager

Deborah Raffin and Charles Frank

Deborah Raffin in How to Pick Up Girls

In 1978, Deborah Raffin appeared in a TV movie called How to Pick Up Girls. In this project, the lovely actress and former professional model portrayed...a beautiful professional model! Since the subject matter was so familiar, Deborah Raffin fits right in to this television comedy.

Of course, Raffin is not especially well-remembered for her comedic roles but she does a great job here as an effervescent model. She has a scene early on with a drunken Richard Dawson (as her photographer), but after that shares all her scenes with the movie's star, Fred McCarren. Raffin even has a disco dancing scene taking place at the famous Studio 54 nightclub!

Unfortunately, Deborah Raffin's screen-time in How to Pick Up Girls is limited and the actress only appears in the first half of the movie. She does make a great impact on the viewer and she does a fine job with her role.

Deborah Raffin & Richard Dawson

Deborah Raffin & Fred McCarren