Clip of Deborah Raffin and Christopher Reeve

Here's a clip of Deborah Raffin and Christopher Reeve from the 1993 movie Morning Glory. This scene is from the beginning of the film and shows the first meeting of their characters. Very nice Southern accents!

Dinner with Deborah Raffin

Here's a snapshot of the past. This brief newspaper piece discusses a dinner at the home of Deborah Raffin and her husband Michael Viner in 1977. Some interesting items are mentioned such as 'Circus of the Stars' (which Viner was producing and Raffin participated in) and various upcoming projects. One project, also mentioned in other articles from 1977, was an adaptation of Diana Ramsay's 1975 book "The Dark Descends" which apparently never happened.

Deborah Raffin: 1978 promo pics

Here is a trio of fabulous promotional images of Deborah Raffin for her 1978 TV movie Ski Lift to Death:

Deborah Raffin and Hart Bochner: Haywire

Here's a newspaper promotional ad for the 1980 TV event Haywire:

Clip of Deborah Raffin and Liv Ullman

A very youthful and very vibrant Deborah Raffin has a chat with actress Liv Ullman (playing her mother) in the 1973 film 40 Carats.

Clip of Deborah Raffin and Edward Albert

Here's a great clip of Deborah Raffin showing off her billiards skills! In this scene from her first feature film 40 Carats, Deborah Raffin plays pool with actor Edward Albert and shows him a thing or two about the game.

Two portraits of Deborah Raffin

Gorgeous as ever, here are two pictures of Deborah Raffin:

Pic of Deborah Raffin and Gary Sandy

Here is a promotional image of Deborah Raffin and actor Gary Sandy for the largely forgotten 1982 TV movie For Lovers Only. I haven't seen it but it sure would be great to see these two charismatic actors share the screen!

2 advertisements for Running Out

In 1983, Deborah Raffin starred in the TV movie Running Out. Here are two original promotional ads for the project:

The beautiful Deborah Raffin

This stunning picture of Deborah Raffin speaks for itself:

Clip of Deborah Raffin and Anthony Andrews

A while ago, we took a look at a clip of Deborah Raffin and British actor Anthony Andrews having a chat in the park in the 1983 TV movie Sparkling Cyanide. Here is another clip of them from the same movie. This time, a distraught Deborah Raffin confronts Anthony Andrews with her concerns that he might be the bad guy. However (spoiler alert!), they end up sharing a kiss instead!

Deborah Raffin: 1981 stage play Bus Stop

Deborah Raffin is far better known for her work in film and television but the actress also appeared on stage as well. In 1975, she did the Neil Simon play 'Come Blow your Horn' at the Showboat Dinner Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida (click here to see some info on it). In 1981, Deborah Raffin returned to that state to do the play 'Bus Stop' at Burt Reynolds' Dinner Playhouse in Jupiter, Florida. One of her co-stars in the play was Sam Bottoms, brother of Joseph Bottoms, Deborah Raffin's co-star in one of her earliest roles (in the 1974 movie The Dove).

Clip of Deborah Raffin and Burt Reynolds

Here's a clip of Deborah Raffin and Burt Reynolds from her 1989 appearance on his TV show, B.L. Stryker. In this scene, Deborah Raffin skinny dips (!) and eventually convinces Burt to strip down to his shorts and join her. However, a gunman shows up and it is up to Deborah to stop him.

Clip of Deborah Raffin and Robert Urich

Here's a clip of Deborah Raffin and Robert Urich in the 1981 TV movie Killing at Hell's Gate. In this emotional scene, Deborah Raffin discusses how scared she is (someone is trying to kill them) and then the two legendary actors share a kiss.

Deborah Raffin: 1980 newspaper profile

Here is a 1980 newspaper profile about Deborah Raffin titled "Deborah Raffin returns to films after a long five-year absence." The article features some fantastic quotes from Deborah Raffin concerning her new film Touched by Love as well as her beginnings and ambitions as an actress.

"I took up acting because I was shy and though it would help me come out of my shell," she said. "And it did. I found I could do and say things I was far too embarrassed to say as Deborah. But I could do it as another character and say, hey, it wasn't me.

"It was an emotional release. From that it developed into something I wanted to pursue. I enjoyed creating characters and pieces of others lives. It allowed me to be totally vulnerable. Totally open. That's why I like it so much."

click to view full size

Deborah Raffin in Touched by Love

One of the roles for which Deborah Raffin will best remembered was as the compassionate nurse working with special needs children in the movie Touched by Love. Still beloved by many today, Touched by Love was also just the second film by young actress Diane Lane. The movie also featured two actors, Clu Gulager and John Amos, who both appeared alongside Deborah Raffin in the TV movie Willa (and both also co-starred with her in other projects). Touched by Love was produced by Deborah Raffin's then-husband Michael Viner and the director, Gus Trikonis, would later direct Raffin in the cult classic Dance of the Dwarfs.

Touched by Love was generally well received by critics at the time of its release in 1980. The movie was positive and sentimental and is still effective today (I don't think it has ever had a proper DVD release). Deborah Raffin sported a new cropped hair style in the film which suited her quite well. Besides looking beautiful, she handles her role extremely well and does some of the best work of her screen career.

Here are some images of Deborah Raffin in Touched by Love:

Deborah Raffin: 1986 charity work

Here is some information about some of the activities Deborah Raffin was engaging in for charity in 1986.

Deborah Raffin was also scheduled to play in a 1986 tennis tournament:

Apparently, she liked tennis and in December of 1976 she announced a resolution for the new year:

Deborah Raffin and Diane Lane

In 1980, Deborah Raffin starred alongside Diane Lane in the sentimental classic Touched by Love. Here are two promotional photos of the actresses from that movie:

Deborah Raffin: more images from The Sentinel

It's not secret that Deborah Raffin looked amazing in her supporting role in the 1977 horror movie The Sentinel. Take a look at these high-definition pictures of the actress from that film for the proof! Click on any pic to view it full size.

Deborah Raffin: images from The Sentinel

Sorry if you are using dial-up internet, these high-definition pictures of Deborah Raffin and her co-stars from from The Sentinel are fairly large in size. Click on them to see them really big!

Deborah Raffin and Cristina Raines

Deborah Raffin and Chris Sarandon

Deborah Raffin and Jeff Goldblum

Random photos of Deborah Raffin

Here are a bunch of images of the excessively photogenic Deborah Raffin.

Here's a pair of autographed photos: