Deborah Raffin performs at the Showboat in 1975

In August 1975, Deborah Raffin was performing the stage play 'Come Blow Your Horn' by Neil Simon at the Showboat Dinner Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her husband and manager at that time, Michael Viner, apparently wanted to generate some publicity for the shows, leading to the two incidents described in the articles below:

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Clip of Deborah Raffin on B.L. Stryker

Here a clip of Deborah Raffin from 1989 when she was the guest star on an episode of the detective series B.L. Stryker. In this scene, Carolann (Deborah Raffin) has a picnic and reminisces with her childhood pal B.L. Stryker (Burt Reynolds).

Promo pics of Deborah Raffin on The Twilight Zone

In early 1989, Deborah Raffin guest starred alongside actor Damir Andrei in an episode of the new Twilight Zone. The following are four promotional images of Deborah Raffin from her appearance on the show:

Another clip of Deborah Raffin in Mind Over Murder

Here's another clip of of Deborah Raffin in her 1979 TV movie Mind Over Murder. In this scene, we first see her at dance practice wearing a rather revealing outfit and then moving on to having a chat with co-star David Ackroyd.

Clip of Deborah Raffin in Mind Over Murder

Here's a clip of Deborah Raffin during her initial freakout in the classic 1979 TV movie Mind Over Murder.

Deborah Raffin and Oliver Reed in The Ransom

In 1977, Deborah Raffin co-starred alongside Oliver Reed in The Ransom. Reed plays a tough hired gun brought into a town that is being terrorized by a crossbow-wielding maniac. Raffin portrays a television journalist covering the story. In this scene, the pair chats over drinks at a local restaurant/bar.

Deborah Raffin in Willa

In 1979, Deborah Raffin starred in the TV movie Willa about a woman who wants to become a truck driver. Here are three promotional photographs of Deborah Raffin for the project:

And here's a picture of Deborah with one of her co-stars in Willa, Clu Gulager:

Click here to see some pics of Deborah Raffin with one of her other co-stars in Willa, Cloris Leachman.

Deborah Raffin and Lane Caudell

Deborah Raffin and Lane Caudell star in Hanging on a Star

In 1978, Deborah co-starred alongside Lane Caudell in the movie Hanging on a Star. Lane Caudell plays the leader of a band and Deborah Raffin plays their manager...hijinks ensue! I actually haven't had the opportunity to see this movie but hopefully someday I'll be able to take a look at it. Despite some bad reviews it still sounds like a fun movie and nice piece of late '70s nostalgia.

Wolfman Jack, who also appears in Hanging on a Star, had some kind words about Lane Caudell in this 1978 newspaper article: