Deborah Raffin in Noble House

In 1988, Deborah Raffin co-starred in the miniseries Noble House alongside Pierce Brosnan, Ben Masters, John Rhys-Davies, Julia Nickson and Burt Kwouk. Even though Deborah Raffin seems like the miniseries type, she had only previously appeared in one other miniseries, The Last Convertible in 1979. Noble House, based on the book by James Clavell, continues the story begun in the 1986 movie Tai-Pan and is all about intrigue in Hong Kong.

Noble House offered Deborah Raffin a highly visible return to television after a three year break. She had not appeared in anything since Death Wish 3 in 1985.

Deborah Raffin & Pierce Brosnan on the cover of TV Guide

The following are a few images of Deborah Raffin and her co-stars in Noble House:

Deborah Raffin and Pierce Brosnan

Deborah Raffin and Julia Nickson

And here is the cover of the Noble House soundtrack album:

Deborah Raffin in 40 Carats

In 1973, Deborah Raffin made her feature film debut in 40 Carats. The movie offered Deborah Raffin a fair amount of exposure and was an auspicious start for her acting career. She was visible enough in this role for Gregory Peck to pick her to star in The Dove the following year.

In 40 Carats, Deborah Raffin portrays Trina Stanley, daughter of Liv Ullman's character Ann Stanley. When Liv Ullman meets and has a one night stand with a young man (played by Edward Albert) while vacationing in Greece, she discovers later that her daughter is involved with the same young man. Deborah Raffin and Edward Albert would later co-star in the television miniseries The Last Convertible.

The following are promotional images and publicity photos of Deborah Raffin and the other cast members of 40 Carats:

Deborah Raffin in Night of the Fox

In 1990, Deborah Raffin co-starred in a World War II adventure called Night of the Fox. Based on a book by Jack Higgins, the project was originally a multi-hour miniseries but has subsequently been released in edited form making it into a 90 minute movie. Deborah Raffin stars alongside George Peppard, Michael York, John Mills and David Birney.

In Night of the Fox, Deborah Raffin portrays Sara Drayton, a British nurse who gets involved with some WWII intrigue. The project was produced by Deborah Raffin's husband (now ex-husband) Michael Viner.

Deborah Raffin and George Peppard on the cover of TV Week promoting Night of the Fox

Here are some newspaper articles about Deborah Raffin in Night of the Fox (click to enlarge):

Deborah Raffin on magazine covers

Deborah Raffin has been featured on the covers of many magazines and the following images are just a few examples.

First, here are five issues of Good Housekeeping with Deborah Raffin on the cover. I'm not sure how or why she happened to appear on so many covers of Good Housekeeping (and she was on the cover more than 5 times).

And here is Deborah Raffin on the cover of Weight Watchers magazine....

And here are some older magazine covers featuring Deborah Raffin: