Deborah Raffin in How to Pick Up Girls

In 1978, Deborah Raffin appeared in a TV movie called How to Pick Up Girls. In this project, the lovely actress and former professional model portrayed...a beautiful professional model! Since the subject matter was so familiar, Deborah Raffin fits right in to this television comedy.

Of course, Raffin is not especially well-remembered for her comedic roles but she does a great job here as an effervescent model. She has a scene early on with a drunken Richard Dawson (as her photographer), but after that shares all her scenes with the movie's star, Fred McCarren. Raffin even has a disco dancing scene taking place at the famous Studio 54 nightclub!

Unfortunately, Deborah Raffin's screen-time in How to Pick Up Girls is limited and the actress only appears in the first half of the movie. She does make a great impact on the viewer and she does a fine job with her role.

Deborah Raffin & Richard Dawson

Deborah Raffin & Fred McCarren