Deborah Raffin in God told Me To

In 1976, Deborah Raffin had a small but important role in the movie God Told Me To. The film, by cult writer/director Larry Cohen, is a mix of several elements, including horror, science fiction, drama, comedy and action. Tony Lo Bianco stars as a religious cop who must solve a series of murders perpetrated by people who claim that god told them to do it. Deborah Raffin plays Tony Lo Bianco's girlfriend, even though he has a wife who he is not divorced from due to his religious beliefs.

Deborah Raffin publicity still for God Told Me To

The main thing you may notice about Deborah Raffin in God Told Me To are her huge glasses. She wears them during most of her scenes and it serves as an intersting stylistic choice in the movie. That being said, Deborah Raffin doesn't really have that many scenes in the film. She is billed in God Told Me To as 'guest star', which is often a designation used for TV movies. Deborah Raffin does relatively well with what she has to work with but there are so many other things going on in the movie that she doesn't really have time to make a huge impact. Still, it was nice to see her when she did appear onscreen!

Here are some images of Deborah Raffin in God Told Me To:

More Deborah Raffin pin-up pictures

Deborah Raffin used to be a very active fashion model and photographs of her appeared in magazines around the world. Apparently, pin-up style images of her were very popular in Japan during the 1970s. Click here to see a bunch of other examples Deborah Raffin looking lovely in Japanese pinups.

Here is a handful of new images of Deborah Raffin for your viewing pleasure:

Deborah Raffin and Cloris Leachman

Here are two promotional images of Deborah Raffin and Cloris Leachman for the 1979 TV movie Willa. In the movie, Deborah Raffin plays a Willa, woman who wants to become a truck driver. Cloris Leachman plays a lady truck driver who has been on the road for a long time and gives Willa some useful advice.

Deborah Raffin and Barry Bostwick on Foul Play

In 1981, Deborah Raffin starred in the TV show version of the movie Foul Play. Deborah Raffin assumes the role of Gloria Mundy (played by Goldie Hawn in the film) and is accompanied by Barry Bostwick (though he does not play Chevy Chase's character from the movie). The Foul Play television series was ill-fated, however, and eventually saw Deborah Raffin sue to get out of her contract.

Here are two nice Foul Play publicity stills of Deborah Raffin and Barry Bostwick:

Deborah Raffin in Grizzly 2

Does Deborah Raffin have horror cred? The short answer is yes! Over the years Deborah Raffin appeared in a handful of horror and horror-related projects. In 1977 she had a supporting role in the horror classic The Sentinel and the previous year she had a role in God Told Me To. In the 1980s she appeared opposite Peter Fonda in the horror adventure Dance of the Dwarfs and the 1990s saw her take part in Scanners II. Deborah Raffin also did several horror projects that were made for television, including guest appearances on Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense and The New Twilight Zone. She also made several TV thrillers of which Mind Over Murder can probably be considered the most befitting of the horror title.

In the early 1980s, Deborah Raffin took part in a horror film which to this day remains unreleased in finished form. Grizzly II: The Predator was an erstwhile sequel to the 1976 film Grizzly with several semi-famous names attached including Deborah Raffin, Louise Fletcher, John Rhys-Davies and Deborah Foreman. Several other soon-to-be-famous people also had small roles in the movie. The plot of Grizzly 2 concerns a music festival that is being put on in a national park where there just happens to be a killer bear on the loose. Deborah Raffin plays a bear expert who wants the bear brought in peacefully, instead of the animal being hunted down and killed.

Here are some images of Deborah Raffin in the ill-fated Grizzly II. Click on the pics to enlarge them.

Five fantastic photos of Deborah Raffin

Here are five great images of Deborah Raffin during her glory days. She's quite photogenic, isn't she?

Ten autographed photos of Deborah Raffin

Apparently, Deborah Raffin liked to autographed pictures of her wonderful self. This is the second set of signed photos to appear on this site. Another gallery of autographed pics of Deborah Raffin can be found here. Anyways, these are some amazing photographs of her and she looks great in just about all of them!

This one has Perry King's signature too!