The eyes of Deborah Raffin

Deborah Raffin's gorgeous eyes really sparkle in this lovely sepia-tinged photo.

Deborah Raffin rides a horse

Here's a fun photo of Deborah Raffin doing something we didn't often see her do...riding a horse!

Deborah Raffin in Touched By Love promo images

One of Deborah Raffin's most enduring projects was the sentimental drama Touched By Love from 1980. We already looked at the movie here, but here are a few more promotional pictures.

First, a pair of photos featuring Deborah Raffin and her Touched By Love co-star Diane Lane (a few more can be viewed here):

And here are two very nice images of an outdoorsy Deborah Raffin:

More pics of Deborah Raffin in The Dove

A while ago, we took a look at Deborah Raffin in one of her earliest roles in the movie The Dove. Here are 8 more pictures of the lovely young actress in that film:

Another lovely Deborah Raffin image

Here's a photo of Deborah Raffin in a dreamlike setting, bathed in sunlight and with a bunch of fresh flowers.

A picture of the gorgeous Deborah Raffin

As you may or may not know, Deborah Raffin was an extremely attractive woman. She was very photogenic and the actress/model was had a lot of photographs taken, especially during the 1970s. Here is another great example:

Deborah Raffin on The Dove soundtrack LP cover

In 1974, Deborah Raffin co-starred with Joseph Bottoms in The Dove. What better way to sell the soundtrack of the film than to plaster a bunch of pictures of the two stars on the album sleeve?

Deborah Raffin: various advertisements 1976-82

Here are a few miscellaneous advertisements for various Deborah Raffin projects.

Here's an ad for an airing of the 1976 TV movie Nightmare in Badham County:

Here's a promotional ad for the 1979 TV movie Willa, featuring a very nice drawing of Deborah Raffin:

A two page ad for the 1979 miniseries The Last Convertible:

An advertisement for the short-lived 1982 TV series Foul Play (based on the popular movie of the same name) starring Deborah Raffin and Barry Bostwick:

And here is an ad for the 1982 TV movie For Lovers Only (you'll note that Deborah Raffin is first-billed, naturally):

Four fantastic Deborah Raffin images

Here are some really nice black & white pictures of Deborah Raffin. The first one is something we don't see too often, a caricature.

Photographing Deborah Raffin

Around here we like to post lots of pictures of Deborah Raffin. Of course, it's not a difficult task because (beyond the fact that she is great to look at) the actress/model had so many photos taken! Here are five more portraits of Deborah Raffin which are just another testament to her timeless beauty.

Deborah Raffin and puppy dogs

This pair of fantastic photos of Deborah Raffin portray both her glorious beauty and her apparent love of canines. Realistically, the dogs play a secondary role in these gorgeous portraits which reveal the timeless beauty of Deborah Raffin.

5 Deborah Raffin images

Here are five wonderful images of the lovely Deborah Raffin:

2 more Deborah Raffin magazine covers

As you may or may not know, Deborah Raffin graced the covers of many magazines back in the 1970s and 80s. Here are two more fantastic examples!

Even more Deborah Raffin magazine covers

Deborah Raffin was a constant fixture on the covers of various magazine throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Here are a few more examples of her early appearances on the cover on 'TEEN magazine in the early 70s. 

Deborah Raffin in For the Love of It

Deborah Raffin in a slapstick comedy? Yes, it happened! The actress had dabbled in comedy a bit during the 1970s, but in 1980 she starred in the spy spoof For the Love of It. It was a made-for-TV farce with lots of television actors appearing throughout and with beautiful Deborah Raffin taking the lead role. While primarily remembered for her dramatic work, Deborah Raffin proved here once and for all that she was quite adept at comedy and probably could have done more of it if she had wanted to.

In For the Love of It, Deborah Raffin shares many of her scenes with actor Jeff Conaway and the pair have great chemistry. A heavily coked-up Conaway is second-billed here as a young medical student who falls in love Raffin. When she gets mixed up in some odd goings on involving the CIA, FBI and US  Army, it's up to him and his friends to save her. There are several genuine laughs to be found throughout with all the stars and guest stars giving great high energy performances. Deborah Raffin shines with a bubbly, energetic turn that is perfect for this lightweight picture.

Here are some images of Deborah Raffin in For the Love of It:

Deborah Raffin and Jeff Conaway

Deborah Raffin and a fake mole

Deborah Raffin and Jeff Conaway