Deborah Raffin in The Sentinel

In 1977, Deborah Raffin had a supporting role in the horror classic The Sentinel. The movie was directed by Michael Winner, who would later direct Deborah Raffin in Death Wish 3 in 1985. The star of The Sentinel was Cristina Raines, who would later play a role supporting Deborah Raffin in Touched by Love in 1980. Deborah Raffin's husband (now ex-husband) Michael Viner was also Cristina Raines' manager for a period of time.

Deborah Raffin plays Cristina Raines friend and fellow fashion model in The Sentinel. She doesn't get a huge amount of screen-time but she does enjoy a few memorable scenes and couple of nice close-ups. Deborah Raffin appeared in The Sentinel during her horror/thriller period of 1976-78 and she would revisit the genre a couple of times during the 1980s.

Here are some pics of Deborah Raffin in The Sentinel:

Deborah Raffin and Chris Sarandon

Deborah Raffin in autographed photos

Here are a bunch of autographed pics of Deborah Raffin. Are all these signatures authentic? I can't say for sure but I can say that the photos themselves are great!

Deborah Raffin on pin-up posters

Deborah Raffin, of course, was not just an actress but also a model. She has appeared on many magazine covers and magazine spreads. The following images are of Japanese pin-up posters circa 1970s. If I can find more, I will try to add more to this page. The last two images were added on June 11, 2011.

Deborah Raffin on The Twilight Zone

Deborah Raffin never did very many television guest appearances during her career. In fact, her 1988 featured role on an episode of The Twilight Zone was the only time she ever appeared in a half-hour format show. Other TV appearances she made were on longer format shows, like the 70 minute Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense and the 90 minute B.L. Stryker

In this 1988 episode of the new Twilight Zone, Deborah Raffin plays a woman named Sharon who has voluntarily checked herself into a mental institution because she is unnaturally frightened of patterns. When a new person comes in to oversee the ward, he takes an interest in Sharon's case. During sessions with her, she reveals that she sees faces in various patterns that appear on surfaces and inanimate objects. Will the doctor start seeing things too?

Here are some pictures of Deborah Raffin appearing on The Twilight Zone:

Deborah Raffin in Once Is Not Enough

In 1975, Deborah Raffin had a featured role in Once Is Not Enough, a movie based on the book by Jacqueline Susann. Like her previous project, The Dove, this movie was highly publicized and provided Deborah Raffin with a great deal of national and international visibility. However, after Once Is Not Enough, Deborah Raffin choose to spend the next 2 or 3 years appearing in thrillers and horror movies, before turning the bulk of her attention to television projects.

The following are promotional images of Deborah Raffin appearing in Once Is Not Enough. Many of the pics also include her co-stars Kirk Douglas and David Janssen.

Deborah Raffin and George Hamilton in Once Is Not Enough