Deborah Raffin admits she's a 'gypsy at heart'

Here's a great newspaper article about Deborah Raffin from the summer of 1984. The primary purpose of the piece is to discuss how much she travels, jetting around to different countries for location shoots. Her two homes, in Beverly Hills and Vermont, are also discussed. Other issues, such as how many suitcases she brings along when traveling (!) and her relationship with then-husband Michael Viner are also touched on.

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No nudity for Deborah Raffin

A while ago, a newspaper article was featured here which discussed the fact that Deborah Raffin does not appear nude. Apparently, this was supposed to be a big deal and various people down the line thought that it was a newsworthy story. This article, from 1982, actually just uses the no nudity thing as a hook for the title, discusses it briefly and then moves on to become a standard profile. Some interesting topics are touched on, however, like Deborah Raffin's comments on her movie Dance of the Dwarfs and also that she did the stage play 'Bus Stop' at a dinner theater owned by Burt Reynolds in Jupiter, Florida.

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Deborah Raffin and Christopher Cazenove in Lace II

In 1985, Deborah Raffin starred in Lace II, the sequel to the popular miniseries Lace which had come out the year before. Deborah Raffin took over the role of Judy Hale, which had been played by Bess Armstrong in the first Lace.One of the other actors who joined the cast of the second Lace was Christopher Cazenove and almost all of his scenes in the project are with Deborah Raffin. The pair had great onscreen chemistry.

Deborah Raffin and Christopher Cazenove in Lace II

Deborah Raffin and Christopher Cazenove later worked together again in the 1996 TV movie Home Song. Christopher Cazenove also had a role in the Windmills of the Gods, a project of which Deborah Raffin was a producer.

Here are a few more pics of Deborah Raffin and Christopher Cazenove from Lace II:

Deborah Raffin on Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense

In 1984, Deborah guest starred in an episode of the British anthology series Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense. In the episode 'Last Video and Testament', Deborah Raffin played the scheming wife of David Langton. Oliver Tobias plays the guy she is cheating with and the two of them have plans to get rid of her rich husband. Of course, as is usually the case, things don't go exactly as planned.

Here are some images of Deborah Raffin appearing on Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense:

Deborah Raffin and David Langton get intense on the phone

Deborah Raffin in bed with Oliver Tobias

Deborah Raffin on Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense

Clip of Deborah Raffin in A Perry Mason Mystery

In 1994, Deborah Raffin had a role in A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Grimacing Governor. Raymond Burr had always played legendary attorney Perry Mason on TV but after his death in 1993, four more Perry Mason TV movies were made under the title of 'A Perry Mason Mystery'. One of these was 'The Case of the Grimacing Governor', which featured actor Hal Holbrook playing the lead role in the project, portraying famed lawyer Wild Bill McKenzie. In this clip, Deborah Raffin is questioned by Hal Holbrook in the aftermath of the murder of the governor.

Deborah Raffin gets press for Running Out

Deborah Raffin maintained a steady presence on American television in the early 1980s. One TV movie made during this time, Running Out, though not well-remembered today received quite a bit of press attention around the time of it's original broadcast. Take a look at this series of newspaper clippings about the 1983 project, which co-starred Tony Bill and Ari Meyers.

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Even more Deborah Raffin magazine covers

Here's a few more magazine covers featuring Deborah Raffin on the cover. Apparently, she did this a lot! Check out the first batch of Deborah Raffin magazine covers and also the second batch.

Deborah Raffin does not appear nude

Deborah Raffin (to my knowledge) never appeared nude in any project throughout her lengthy career. As these newspaper articles from the mid-1970s make perfectly clear, Deborah Raffin doesn't get naked on film. She even had it written into her contract! She also, apparently, had a clause specifying that body doubles could not be used to make appear that she did take her clothes off.

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