Deborah Raffin is a Jane Fonda fan

In this short newspaper clipping from October 1983, Deborah Raffin discusses diet and exercise. She reveals that she does the Jane Fonda Workout every morning and then talks a bit about what she typically eats. How interesting!

Deborah Raffin talks Death Wish 3

In 1985, Deborah Raffin played Charles Bronson's love interest in Death Wish 3. Deborah Raffin had worked with the director of the film, Michael Winner, before in the 1977 horror classic The Sentinel. In Death Wish 3, Deborah Raffin plays a public defender. However, the primary purpose of her character in the movie is to die and further spur on the vigilante vengeance of star Charles Bronson. The following newspaper clipping from 1985 features quotes from Deborah Raffin about the film and character.

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Clip of Deborah Raffin in Grizzly II

Here's a clip of Deborah Raffin in the 1983 horror movie Grizzly II. The movie was never completely finished and never saw an actual release, though copies of the film have circulated for years. In this scene, bear expert Deborah Raffin has a serious chat with park ranger Steve Inwood.

Deborah Raffin gets some press for Ski Lift to Death

In 1978, Deborah Raffin starred in Ski Lift to Death. The TV movie also featured such names as Charles Frank, Howard Duff, Clu Gulager (who would co-star with Deborah Raffin the following year in another TV movie, Willa), Veronica Hamel and Don Johnson.

This project was Deborah Raffin's second starring role in a TV movie (the first was Nightmare in Badham County in 1976). Ski Lift to Death (later released under the title Snowblind) may not be her best remembered made-for-TV work but it fits right in with the campy material she was involving herself in the late 1970s.

Regardless of the stature of this film today, it was a movie of the week on CBS back in 1978 and it got a decent amount of publicity. Here are two examples of newspaper promos, both featuring a photograph of Deborah Raffin and co-star Charles Frank:

Deborah Raffin herself also got some press coverage for her role in Ski Lift to Death. This first article discusses how, since she was portraying a ski champion, Deborah Raffin had to take ski lessons in order to make it seem plausible.

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This article goes much more detail about Deborah Raffin's experiences making the movie:

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The article "Canada's cold turned actress into frigid fatty" (which is a slightly odd title) was also published elsewhere under this title:

Deborah Raffin: almost a Revlon girl

In the summer of 1976, it was reported that Deborah Raffin was likely to replace Lauren Hutton as the face of Revlon cosmetics.

In the following article, published in November 1976, Deborah Raffin says that she would rather act than model. Though, at this point, she was still in talks to work for Revlon.

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Though rumors swirled over the fall of 1976, Deborah Raffin did not not end up taking the job. By December of that year, it was being reported that she had turned them down.