Another lovely Deborah Raffin image

Here's a photo of Deborah Raffin in a dreamlike setting, bathed in sunlight and with a bunch of fresh flowers.

A picture of the gorgeous Deborah Raffin

As you may or may not know, Deborah Raffin was an extremely attractive woman. She was very photogenic and the actress/model was had a lot of photographs taken, especially during the 1970s. Here is another great example:

Deborah Raffin on The Dove soundtrack LP cover

In 1974, Deborah Raffin co-starred with Joseph Bottoms in The Dove. What better way to sell the soundtrack of the film than to plaster a bunch of pictures of the two stars on the album sleeve?

Deborah Raffin: various advertisements 1976-82

Here are a few miscellaneous advertisements for various Deborah Raffin projects.

Here's an ad for an airing of the 1976 TV movie Nightmare in Badham County:

Here's a promotional ad for the 1979 TV movie Willa, featuring a very nice drawing of Deborah Raffin:

A two page ad for the 1979 miniseries The Last Convertible:

An advertisement for the short-lived 1982 TV series Foul Play (based on the popular movie of the same name) starring Deborah Raffin and Barry Bostwick:

And here is an ad for the 1982 TV movie For Lovers Only (you'll note that Deborah Raffin is first-billed, naturally):